& what they are saying

“Thank you Blowbar® for making me look like a movie star at Lowry Park's Karamu event!”
Kelly Weber Francisco

“I’m very conscious of my skin and how much sun exposure it gets. I have always preferred a spray tan to lying out in the sun. After trying the Versa Spa, I got rid of my tanning salon membership and will now only get a spray tan at Blowbar®. Blowbar’s Versa Spa Spray Tan has given me the best tan I have ever had. My skin tone always looks natural and there are never any streaks. Tan Tuesdays are the best!!”
Mary Reeber

“Every time I am in Tampa I try to visit my favorite salon. Walk-ins are always welcome at Blowbar® so they are always fitting me in because of my hectic work schedule. No matter who styles me that day, I always leave happy and satisfied. Thank you Blowbar® for opening in Tampa!”
Pam Bondi

“I love the feeling that no matter where I’m going or what I’m wearing, Blowbar prepares me to look my best. It comforts me that I can get beautiful blowouts and stunning up-dos at one salon. The stylists are superb at what they do and always get done in a timely manner. I refuse to go anywhere except Blowbar® for a blowout.”
Celia Docobo

“Thank you all so much for the GREAT updo! It really topped off my look and made for an amazing night.”
Rebecca Kraft

“I have been a Blowbar® customer for the past two years and have become completely addicted. I even threw away my own blow dryer. I enjoy the staff very much, especially Gina, and the service is exceptional. If you have not experienced Tampa Bay's original and ONLY Blowbar® I highly recommend it! In and out with hair washed, conditioned and blown out in approximately 30 minutes. Such a time saver in this busy crazy world we live in! It's time now for you to get Blown Out.”
Leigh Ann Quinlan

“Blowbar® as a concept is very unique and much needed in the bay area. The staff is always polite and all are very talented. My hair is very thick and curly so it can be very difficult to style. Nevertheless, the Blowbar® girls always make me look fabulous and ready for any occasion.”
Lori Gibson

“My life has become infinitely easier since discovering the services at Blowbar® over a year ago. From hair to makeup I cannot speak highly enough about them.”
JoAnn Strober

“Love it!!!!!!”
Tisha Benner DiFelice

“Blowbar® is a modern one stop shop to get your hair, nails, tan and makeup done. The staff is always polite and driven to satisfy their customers. With such a well rounded salon, why would you go anywhere else? Thank you ladies at Blowbar®!”
Elcy Crespo

“Thanks Blowbar® Express Salon for doing such a great job on my hair! I loved everything about my experience!”
Lauren Brittany McComb

“For the third year in a row we have had a successful Annual Powerful Woman’s event hosted in Blowbar’s Blow Room. By having a room that is so feminine and chic, it’s perfect for our events and parties. The purpose of the room has been well served for the past three years and loved by our women.”
Jennifer B. Osgood, CRPC Financial Advisor Ameriprise Financial Services Inc.

“Thank you again for the evening full of laughs and fun Friday night!!! We might just have to do it again next year for my birthday!”
Christy Schofield